Garage Door Repair Near Me Google Search Results

Hiring A Garage Door Company Near You

Garage Door Company Near Me Google Search Complete a google search for ‘garage door company near me’ , ‘garage door repair near me’, ‘garage door company Atlanta’. You might be surprised at how many results you will find. So, if you have a broken garage door you need it fixed, and sooner than later, right?…

Garage Door Company Near Me Google Search

Complete a google search for ‘garage door company near me’ , ‘garage door repair near me’, ‘garage door company Atlanta’. You might be surprised at how many results you will find. So, if you have a broken garage door you need it fixed, and sooner than later, right? With so many options who do you choose? You obviously need, reliability, trustworthiness, and professional expert garage door repair from a local garage door company. Let’s break down the results and help you find a company that is going to be everything you need.  First, though here are a few quick tips.

Top Tips For Hiring A Reputable Garage Door CompanyGarage Door Repair Near Me Service Truck

  • Answers Phone With Same Company Name You Saw Online
  • Large Number Of Reviews Online ( not just on their website)
  • Willing To Ball Park Prices Over The Phone
  • Shows Up In A Lettered Work Truck (not magnets)
  • Has Parts For Repair On The Truck
  • Has A Uniform
  • Professional Invoice

What To Do Before Calling

Check their reviews!

Actually read them. Are there a limited amount of reviews? Probably not a great sign. They might just be new, ok well all companies start somewhere true, and because they just started doesn’t mean they won’t be around forever. If they are new Make sure they are legit, proper insurance license etc. Are the reviews stuffed with words about the trade that sound like unnatural language. Is that how a real customer would write? Probably not. Do not be fooled by FAKE REVIEWS.

How recent are their reviews? Do they have 20 reviews from a year ago and then nothing? Again, not a good sign consistency is key there should be recent consistent reviews.

Not 1 single bad review?  Yea right! We know it is impossible to be in business and not have a few unhappy customers. If they have no bad reviews it is because of 1 of 2 things. Either have fake reviews or are using a paid for service to filter the reviews first. A few bad reviews out of hundreds, completely normal. Actually how a garage door company responds to the negative reviews can tell you a lot about who you are dealing with.

Check them out online.

Too easy right? You found them on google now search their company name on google. If you search their name and cannot find very much info about them take that as a red flag. Is their company name too much like your search? For example you search ‘Garage door repair Marietta GA’ and their company name is Garage Door Repair Solutions Marietta. Probably not a real company name, go ahead and look on the GA secretary of states website, bet that business doesn’t exist. Most likely that is just a DBA ( doing business as) linked to some spammy marketing company that hires independent contractors and pays them commission. Stay away. You should see consistent information all across the web for that company. Including same name address and phone number.

What To Look For When You Call

How did they answer the phone? Did they have a professional greeting, Like ” Thank you for calling Allgood Garage Doors, how can we help you?” Or a generic greeting like “garage doors” if you hear that generic greeting, GIANT Red Flag. Start asking questions, What’s the name of your company? Any hesitation, hang up. If they give you a different name than the 1 you saw listed online. Yup you guessed it, hang up.

Garage Door Company Call Center Employees

If you here a whole bunch of people in the background on calls also, you have reached a call center or an answering service. Does it make sense that a local company nearby needs that many people answering phones? If it is a call center, they may not even be an actual garage door company. They may just be a lead generation company that sells leads to companies or independent contractors. If they are an answering service that means you are not speaking directly with an actual employee of the company. Why deal with a “middle man” who just relays a message? When you call a garage door company you should be able to speak to somebody who can answer your questions, not just schedule your appointment.

What To Look For When They Arrive

When you hire a local garage door company there are some things that you should look for.

First of all is their service truck clearly marked? You should be able to make out the company name, logo and a matching phone number. If this is truly a local company that is near to you the truck may even be familiar.  Some companies are having their logo with ‘independent local contractor’  underneath ( this is better than no marking, but still not ideal). Magnets are not a good sign either. Magnets could be switched from job to job and show a lack of commitment.

Next, is the technician wearing a uniform? The uniform should also have a matching logo. Again, looking for consistency, commitment and professionalism. True, a uniform is not necessary to fix a garage door , but that is not the point. Impressions matter and any reputable company understands this and will use every opportunity possible to build and maintain trust.

Does the repairman provide a quick diagnosis? When the technician provides a diagnosis of your garage door repair you need to pay attention and ask questions. A trained professional should be able to diagnose the problem quickly. Some issues take time to figure out, however most should be diagnosed fairly fast. Along with what is actually broke ( for example a broken spring) there should be other recommendations such as bearings and rollers. However these additional parts should not make the price sky rocket. If it isn’t just a broken part that broke form normal wear and tear the technician should also know what caused the issue and be able to address that as well.

Avoid sales pitches. We all know the used salesman type. The cheesy smile, overly friendly demeanor and the fake laugh. Of course you want a friendly professional, but not someone pretending to be your friend to see how much money they can get on a commission check. If something seems off, there is nothing wrong with paying a service call fee and asking them to leave. You will be better off for it.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

It is what you searched, because you had something in mind. You want somebody that is near for quick service. On top of speed you want trust worthy as well. Hopefully you like hiring local to support your local economy and support businesses from your area not big national chains. We understand when your garage door breaks you want it fixed now, be smart though. Hire local, reputable, honest garage door companies.

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