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Faux wooden garage doors

Faux wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors used to be the norm prior to the late 90’s when steel doors started replacing them. Steel doors are more durable and cost effective than wooden doors, however from a design standpoint many people still like the look of a wooden door. Faux wooden garage doors provide the best of both worlds. There are two main characteristics that people may be searching for when it comes to a wood door alternative that doesn’t look like a steel door, design and color. 

One major difference is the panel type. Steel doors are traditionally raised panels and wooden doors are recessed panels. Some HOA’s want to maintain this look as many of the wood doors are still standing and they want to keep uniformity in the neighborhood. This can be problematic if your wooden door is damaged beyond repair. However, there are two manufacturers that have come to the rescue. C.H.I Overhead Doors and Haas Door both have some high quality doors that look just like the design of a wooden garage door from a distance. These doors have a timeless design and elegant look that will shine for a long time. 


On top of having the wood door look you will get the benefit of having the durability of steel. Steel doors do not require the same maintenance that wood doors do. A wooden door requires regular painting or staining to protect it from the elements. Without this maintenance the panels can warp, crack and rot. Manufacturers of steel doors provide limited lifetime warranties against rust, corrosion and delamination.  Another huge advantage of  steel doors over wood is insulation. Insulated steel doors can make your garage door more comfortable, which is great if you work in your garage door or if you park in your garage and want to get into a comfortable vehicle. 


The second design aspect of a steel door that looks like a wood door is the color. There are plenty of DIY projects you could find in blogs or on pinterest, however the finished look is never as elegant as you were expecting. To get the truly elegant curb appeal that you want you should make the investment in a door with the color painted at the factory. The finished look is a much higher quality and will last for a much longer time. Garage door manufacturers are getting more and more elegant with the color options some of those colors are, cedar, mahogany, oak, driftwood, walnut and many more. 


One of the other popular choices is a 4 or 5 layer door. These are steel sandwich doors that are insulated and have a faux wood overlay on the outside. These doors are the most expensive out of all the options and also require more maintenance and more expensive repairs. The other downfall you should consider with these style doors is that many builders hire garage door companies that tell them they can make the doors cheaper. The doors have cheaper overlay materials attached to lower quality doors, which will not hold up over time. If you are really wanting a high quality beautiful faux wood door go with a reputable local company that can help guide you through the process of finding the perfect door for your home. 

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