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How to lift a garage door with a broken spring

Broken Torsion Spring

Disclaimer: Garage doors are heavy and dangerous ( if you have not been properly trained) unless it is an emergency we do not recommend you lift your door, and no, getting the lawn mower out doesn’t count.


If you have a broken spring on your garage door, you know your garage door opener is not going to work. You may have vehicles trapped in the garage and even an appointment scheduled for a repair company to come out but you need to get your car out of the garage and you just need to know how to lift a garage door with a broken spring. In some cases this is 100% possible, other times you will not be able to get the door up, it all depends on the weight of the door and the strength you can muster. First of all if you have a big door, especially a heavy garage door and it is not an emergency do not try and lift your garage door. If you absolutely must, here are a few steps that can help you.

Step One:


Pull the emergency release on the garage door opener. This will disconnect the door from the opener. Now the door will be able to be moved. 


Step Two LIFT:




First of all the amount of effort and the way you try to get the door up will depend on the size and weight. We will cover this in a couple different scenarios. Small doors and big doors.


Small Doors


If you have a small door with an extension spring system ( the type that stretches front to back over the tracks) it can be a little tricky because the springs pull independently on each other but there is a quick easy way. On these doors only 1 spring will break at a time. So, in order to lift the door all you have to do is lift the door from the side with the broken Spring that will ensure the door raises evenly so you can open it .  Once the door is up, clamp it off or prop it up, it is not going to hold itself up.


If you have a small door with torsion springs you should lift from the middle. Once you have pulled the emergency release get low, grabbing the door wherever you can, and with a straight back, stand up raising the door as you do. Once again clamp the door off with either vice grips or a c-clamp or prop it up with a 2×4. 


Big Doors,


Once again we cannot stress enough, only do this in an emergency, if it is not worth risking injury do not do it, wait for your technician to arrive. 


If you must proceed, do so cautiously and safely. First of all we recommend you use 2 people, the heavier the door the more people it may take. Again get low on the door in a squatting position with your back straight and head up. Pick a spot on the door or wall and stare at it, then stand up. It is important that you lift the door evenly all the way up. If you do not, the cable on the side with the broken spring could come off and now you will have a bigger problem than you started with. Once the door is up clamp it off or prop it up. 


Last thing you can try if the others do not work. Again and we cannot stress this enough, if you have a super heavy door, such as a wood door or a custom wood door, DO NOT do this unless you absolutely must. Grab a remote or have a button pusher, once you or your team is ready to lift, hit the button and help the opener lift the door, be sure you are doing the majority of the work and are lifting evenly and slowly. Do not let go of the door until it is  securely propped or clamped off. 

That’s all there is to it, hope this helped you either A, realize you should wait or B, get out of the garage in an emergency. 

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