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Garage door opening and closing on its own

garage door open with car in garage

Do you have a garage door opening and closing on its own? This can definitely be a problem, and a security risk. There are a couple different reasons this could happen and there are a few different things you can do on your own to solve the problem. In this article we will go over those situations and solutions for you. 


Scenario 1: There is a remote that is being pushed inadvertently without your knowledge. 


This can happen if you have a remote in a junk drawer or the bottom of a purse or even in the glove compartment in your car.




 If you think this is possible, locate all your remotes and make sure they are not able to be activated accidentally. If you think this is possible but you cannot locate all your remotes, you can follow the solution for the next scenario.


Scenario 2: Your opener signal got programmed to a neighbors remote. This can happen if you were programming a remote while they opened or closed their door at the same time and it just so happened to sync to yours.




If you think this could have happened to you there is a quick easy solution, however it will require you to reprogram any electronic devices you have, such as remotes, keypads and or homelink or cars 2 U ( the buttons in your car). 


So, first things first grab all electronics that will need to be programmed, Next get a step stool or a ladder so you can reach the back of your opener, and your owners manual for your garage door opener if you do not know where your learn button is located. If you do not have an owners manual you can download one online by googling your model # + owners manual.


Next, after you have located your learn button go ahead and hold it in for 10 seconds, or until the light for the LED light next to the learn button goes out. Now that you have done this you have cleared out all electronic devices that were programmed to the garage door opener. You can test this by pressing a button on a remote, it should not activate the door. If it does, repeat the step above. 


Last, reprogram all remote controls, keypads, and cars. If the problem still persists after this, go on to the following solution. 

Scenario 3: Your garage door wall button wire has a short. Most garage door wall buttons ( except yellow learn button chamberlain and LiftMaster openers) activate when the circuit of the wall button is closed, So this means that if there is a short in the wires where the 2 could be touching at times it could activate the opener. 




Replace the low voltage wiring for your garage door wall control. If this is not a task you are comfortable doing, contact a professional to do the job.


Scenario 4: A faulty wall control. If none of the above steps helped then you most likely would have a faulty wall button. You can usually order one from online for less than $40 and changing them out is really easy. 

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