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How long should a garage door opener last?

Garage Door Opener

How long should a garage door opener last? Typically on average you can count on getting 10 -15 years out of an opener. However there are many factors that can affect the lifespan of your garage door opener.  


The reason is simple, it’s because your garage door opener is nothing but a guide, It tells the door where to start and stop. Since they are just guides they are not designed to lift a lot of weight. If you were to do a quick google search you will read that your average ½ HP opener can lift 300 lbs. This is a little misleading though. A garage door might weigh 300 lbs but once it is balanced by the spring system the opener is really only pulling 10-15lbs at most. So the better a door is balanced and maintained the longer the opener will last. 


Garage door maintenance should be performed twice a year. This should include lubricating the hinges and springs, as well as your rollers if they are not maintenance free rollers. Along with the lubrication a balance test should be done. If you have this done by a professional they can assess the rest of the door as well and let you know what it may need to keep operating smoothly.

Fail safe parts


Garage door openers are built with fail safe parts. For example the gears inside of them are made out of plastic. The reason the gears are made of plastic is so they will fail if the door is pulling too much weight. That way you do not blow the motor instead. A garage door opener also has a capacitor to start the motor and will blow to prevent damage to the opener. Lastly many newer openers have a thermal overload setting that will shut them off if the motor gets too hot. This can even prevent the capacitor from blowing. Fail safe parts make it so a garage door opener can be repaired instead of replaced, increasing their lifespan greatly. 


Old openers VS New Openers


Many older openers lasted for well over 25 years. Many of these openers were only replaced either because A) parts became no longer available or B) a homeowner decided to upgrade to get new features. 


New openers are having a lot of features built into them. Such as WiFi, LED lighting, battery back-up,and even cameras. With so many features coming out all the time companies are discontinuing their older models faster and faster. When you miix electronics with the increased demand for openers, newer openers just don’t last as long as the old ones did. This makes maintaining your door even more important. 


So, although a garage door opener can last you 10-15 years and you can buy more time by repairing common fail safe parts, you can also drastically reduce the lifespan of your opener as well if you do not take good care of your garage door. 

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