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How to fix garage door after pulling red handle

pulling emergency handle

Many customers have asked us many times how they reset their garage door opener. There is no reset button for a garage door opener because they do not work like that. There is a process that takes place when you press the button for your garage door opener. If it is not working properly then that means part of the process is not working and that must be diagnosed and repaired  or replaced in order to work again. Some people will be referring to resetting their limit and force settings when they say they need to reset their garage door opener, so we will go over a few different scenarios where you may think your opener needs to be reset. 


Motor has overheated:

Residential openers are only meant to be used in moderation in older models if you were to run an opener 10 times or more within an hour you would blow a capacitor. Now most openers have a thermal overload mode. So if the opener gets too hot it will shut off until the motor cools down. Generally speaking this will take about fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes have passed you will be able to use your opener again. 


Power Related Issues:

Another possibility  is that the opener is not getting any power at all. This might cause someone to think the opener needs to be reset. To deal with this situation we need to first figure out if the cause is an outlet or a failed logic board.


First step would be to test the outlet with something you can plug in that you know works. If it works but your opener doesn’t you have a failed logic board and need to replace it or the opener. If it doesn’t work then we can check a couple other things. First, check your breaker box ( most likely only an issue if you have absolutely no power at all in the garage. ) Next check your garage for GFCI outlets ( these are the outlets with the test and reset buttons.) Hit the reset button and see if that returns power to the unit. If you cannot find any, check whatever room in the house is on the other side of the garage. A lot of times this is a kitchen and an outlet in there could possibly be on the same circuit. If this still does not fix the issue then you may need to contact an electrician. 


Resetting Limits


Some people will need to reset the limits on their opener, this could be after changing a gear and sprocket, a belt or even a logic board. There are some garage door openers where the limits are manual and can be reset by using a screwdriver to manually turn them. However, all new openers have automatic limits controlled by a travel module that is set by pushing buttons in a specific sequence. Every opener is different and they have specific steps to set them. In order to know how to reset your limits you need to consult your owner’s manual. If you do not have a copy of the manual you can find one online to download by doing a google search for your specific model. 


This should have helped you understand a little better about how openers work and how you can and cannot reset them. 


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