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Wood garage door panel replacement

Installer removing wood panel

Nowadays garage doors are made out of steel. However it was not too long ago that all doors were primarily made out of wood. Many of these wood doors are still standing. However they are aging and many homeowners have not maintained them properly. Over the years this causes the wood to rot. Especially on the bottom section which soaks up much more water. Once a garage door has begun to rot there is no way to reverse the damage. It is inevitable that the damage will begin to spread. Many people are looking to replace just the bottom section and not buy a whole new door.


Ordering a replacement wood section used to be a really easy and inexpensive option. Many distribution centers across the country had many in-stock regularly. Over the past few years that has changed though. Most manufacturers are no longer making them and distribution centers are no longer stocking them. This means that most garage door companies are no longer doing panel replacements on wood garage doors. This is not to say that it is not possible to get it done; however, you will find that there are many obstacles to getting the project completed. 


Once you locate a garage door company willing to do the work, they will then need to come out and take measurements of all dimensions of the panel and document these measurements and send them to their supplier. Their supplier will then send them to the manufacturer who will make the panel according to those specifications. Once that is complete they will ship it to the distributor will either ship it to the installing company or they will go pick it up and then deliver and install it. 


These panels come primed and will need to be painted once installed. Which will mean painting the whole door or doors. These panels will also not come with a warranty from the manufacturer that will guarantee the panel will last any amount of time. You will need to keep up the maintenance by painting them regularly.


Wood doors definitely have a distinct look that many people really like. However replacing sections is not something that is done very often anymore and not something that is very practical. Steel doors are more cost effective, more durable and come with limited lifetime warranties from the manufacturers. They are also readily available which eliminates the headache of getting a wood panel. 


Manufacturers realize that many homeowners like the look of the old wood panels and would like to keep that design aspect. C.H.I. overhead doors  and Hass doors both have steel doors that have recessed panel designs available offering the best of both worlds. You can have the design that you love with the durability and price of steel. 


So although it may seem attractive to try and save the money and attempt to just find a wood replacement panel in the long run a steel door is a better investment for your home.

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