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How to level a garage door

Installer checking to see if garage door is level

Knowing how to level a garage door is so very important. For a garage door to run smooth and 

True it needs to be square level and plumb. Over time the cement floors in garages can start to sink and this will cause the floor to be unlevel. If a garage door is hung unlevel it will never run properly and will just cause parts to wear faster. Leveling a garage door should be done at the time of installation and a complete installation is something that should be done by a professional. In the case that your floor has sunk over time it then leveling the door after the fact may be necessary.


  1. First things first, you will need to place an air shim under the door on the side that is lowest.
  2. You will need to remove tension from the door.  ( The method for doing this is different based on the type of spring system, and should be done by a professional. Removing tension can get someone who doesn’t have the proper training injured quite severely)
  3. Next you will need to put a level on the door so you can tell when you do get it level.
  4. Using the air shim raise the side of the door that is lower until the door is completely level. 

Leveling the tracks


Once your door is level you must next level the track system in order for the door to truly be level and to run properly. There are 2 methods to level the track. One way looks more professional, the other way is faster, easier and allows for correction if a mistake is made in measuring. 


  1. First find a reference point on each side of the door. I like to use the top of the 3rd roller or hinge. 
  2. Measure each side, from your reference point to the split in the vertical and horizontal track. 

From here you have 2 different ways to move forward. Whatever the difference in the 2 measurements is, is equal to the adjustment that needs to take place to the track.( This number should also be equal to the gap left under the door) . If you are doing this to a door that has already been installed and it is on torsion springs you should take the end bearings off to make adjusting the track easier. 


Option 1: Quick and easy 


       3.The quick and easy way is to raise the track on the same side you raised the door.

  1. Once you have raised the track double check your measurements to make sure that the tracks are        now indeed level. 

Option 2: Professional looking 


  1. The more professional way to do this is to take the measurement from step 2 and using a sharpie marker,  mark the track on the opposite side from where you had to raise the door. 
  2. Next use an angle grinder to cut the track and then drop it to the floor. You want to make sure that your measuring is 100% accurate before cutting the track. 

Now that you have leveled the door and the vertical tracks check to make sure that the horizontal tracks are level in the back and make any necessary adjustments. Then do the same with the torsion tube if applicable. Lastly add tension back to your springs and you are all set.  

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