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My garage door stops randomly

Garage Door Stopped partially open

We rely heavily on our garage doors and even more our electronic automatic garage door openers. We count on them to be safe as well as reliable. With life as busy as it is we do not have time for a malfunctioning garage door. If your garage door stops randomly, not only is it inconvenient but most likely it means there is a more serious problem getting ready to show up in a short time. Here are some possible reasons you may have this problem and what you can expect when you call a professional garage door company.

Incorrect Force Settings

This could be the cause either when the door is going up or down. Your garage door opener is programmed to know exactly what amount of force is needed to lift or lower your garage door. Over time these settings may need to be adjusted. All you have to do is download your owners manual for the particular model you have and it will instruct you on how to increase your force settings. On older models it is a manual dial adjustment you turn with a screwdriver on newer models it is usually a sequence of buttons that need to be pushed. 


If increasing the force solves your problem we recommend that you run the door up and down manually by unreleasing it from the opener. You want to raise and lower the door feeling for stiffness or any binding at all. Many times a stiff door could mean a bad worn out set of rollers. A binding door could have damaged panels, bad springs or other parts failing. If this is the case you want a professional to look at your door as soon as possible because adjusting the force settings will only be a temporary fix. 

Failing Capacitor

If your garage door opener appears to completely lose power every time it stops randomly. There is a good chance that your capacitor is the problem. The capacitor is what gives the motor the extra boost of power it needs to run. If a capacitor fails the garage door opener will not be able to run any longer. There is also a chance that if it blows the liquid inside could short out the circuit board. Depending on the age of your opener you may want to consider upgrading to a new model. Otherwise, you will need to change the capacitor ASAP so you do not risk ruining the whole opener.

Sticking Remote Button

This problem is not very common but could possibly be the cause for a door stopping on the way up after pressing the remote button. You should easily be able to visually identify a sticking remote button. If this is the case then just buy a new remote and program it. You can buy a universal remote from Home Depot or Lowes, they are fairly inexpensive.


Call A Professional

In any case if your garage door is not working properly and you are unable to identify the issue and properly repair it with a permanent solution, it is always a good idea to have a professional door company come and inspect and diagnose the problem.

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