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Reprogramming garage door remotes

man reprogramming garage door remote

If your garage door remotes stop working most of the time you just need to change your batteries. However there are certain instances where you may find yourself needing to reprogram your remotes. For example maybe you have lost a remote and you want to make sure someone cannot use it. Another possibility is that you had to replace your logic board and now you need to reprogram your remotes to the new board. There are not many scenarios where reprogramming remotes is necessary but if you need to this should help you out.

So let’s say you have lost a remote or someone else has it that you no longer wish to be able to use. You will want to wipe out all electronics that are programmed to the garage door opener and then reprogram any remotes or keypads that you do want to be able to use again. This is a quick easy solution you can do without hiring a professional. 

First things first you need to erase all programming. In order to do this, locate the learn ( or code on Genies) button for your garage door opener. For LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman Openers this is located on the backside of the opener and is either yellow, orange, purple or green. For Genie openers it is typically labeled as a code button, and most of the time it will be on the front of the opener or the bottom of the plastic casing. 

To erase the memory of all remotes and keypads simply hold the learn button in for 10 seconds until the LED light goes out. This will have cleared out the remotes. Now attempt to use one to make sure that you did it correctly. It should not work. Now if you have successfully erased the programming for the remotes it is time to reprogram any remotes you want to work. 

If you are programming the remote that came with the opener, programming will be simple. First, just hit the learn button and then hit the button on the remote you want to work. The opener will make a clicking sound and the light bulbs should flash letting you know it was programmed successfully. 

On a genie opener they use rolling code so there is one additional step when programming them. Once you hit the learn button on the opener you will notice the light begins to flash, when you press the button on the remote the LED light will stop flashing and will stay lit solid, you then hit the button on the remote one more time and the light will go out, press it one more time and the door will move. 

If you are using a universal remote then follow the instructions in the users manual. If you do not have one you can download it online or check out our video here:


If you have just replaced the logic board you do not need to follow the first step that involves erasing codes, however you will need to program your limits and forces first then follow the steps above to program a remote. 

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