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How to fix garage door opener remote

Garage door openers, and even more specifically garage door remotes, make our lives so much easier and convenient. However if you have ever been trapped outside because your garage door remote stopped working you know how frustrating it can be. If you are in that position right now, or just have a pesky remote not working we are here to help! If all of your remotes stopped working at one time and even your wireless keypad is not working you’ll want to skip to the end of this article as a remote is probably not the issue. 


Dead Battery?

Whenever I am troubleshooting anything I use a process of elimination and start with the least expensive thing first. In this case that would be your batteries. Every wireless remote uses batteries. Most of them use a watch style battery, the most common being the CR2022. You can find these at almost any store, even your local CVS or Walgreens will have them. They will cost between $5-$10. To change the batteries you will need to take your remote apart, usually you can just use the clip of the remote to pry it open. When changing the battery pay attention that you are inserting the new battery facing the same way as the old. Hopefully you had a $5 fix if not, keep reading.

Bad Remote?

If changing the batteries did no good, we should move on to the next least expensive part. The remote itself. MOst people are completely unaware that Home Depot and Lowes both sell garage door remotes. There will be a few different options that could become confusing. To play it safe and make sure that your garage door opener will be compatible with your new remote we recommend buying a chamberlain universal. Now, there is one exception to the rule: if you have a genie that is 2019 or newer you should buy the genie universal ( the rectangle one with 3 buttons not the square one with 4 buttons). Once home with your remote you can program your remote following the instructions in the box for the remote. Or, you can watch our video below on programming a universal remote.

Bad Logic Board

If a new remote didn’t work or if all of your wireless devices stopped working at the same time your receiver on your logic board has gone bad. The receiver itself is not something you can replace. You would need to replace the entire circuit board. Depending on the age of your opener and availability of parts you may or may not be able to find one. In order to look though, just google the part number. On some genie models the board may be discontinued and they should show a replacement. If you have a bad board it may also be a good time to start considering a new opener, just because of the cost. Any opener that has hit 10-12 years old is definitely past its prime.

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