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Choosing A Modern Garage Door For Your Home


What is a modern style garage door?

What is a modern garage door you might ask. The answer can vary greatly from person to person. Everyone has different experiences and expectations. We will cover the basics of modern garage door construction compared to old wood doors and then dive deeper into the different modern styles that savvy homeowners looking to upgrade curb appeal and increase the value of their homes. 

Most Modern Doors Are Made Of Steel

If you have an old wood garage door from the 80’s or 90’s then a modern garage door to you could very well be a basic steel garage door.  Garage doors that are not custom are just stamped steel doors that may or may not have insulation.  Modern doors are also sectional and not 1 piece tilt up doors. All garage door manufactures and garage door companies are installing these doors as replacements to the old wood garage doors. 

Modern steel garage door

What is the most popular style of garage door?

As far as construction goes the most popular garage door is a steel sectional door.  Aesthetically the most common door you will see is a traditional square raised panel door, but gaining in popularity and quickly replacing those standard boring doors are carriage house style garage doors.  Most of these doors can be recognized by the decorative hinges and handles that give them the old “barn style” look. With the popularity of farmhouse everything these doors will compliment most modern farmhouse decor nicely.

Carriage house garage door

Luxury Modern Garage Doors

A garage door makes up a large percentage of the front of most houses. There are countless styles and types of doors that can compliment the many different styles of homes that Georgia has.  Meeting with one of AllGood’s team members is a great way to narrow down the options that will best fit your home, your personal taste and budget.  Luxury just means beautiful and classy, it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Contemporary Modern Garage Doors

Perhaps one of the most contemporary designs available in modern garage doors today is the aluminum full view doors. These elegant, classy doors are the ultimate compliment to a sleek modern home. 

Black Aluminum Full View Garage door
Black Aluminum Fullview Door With Frosted Glass


These modern garage doors are made of strong aluminum frames and tempered glass. The frames around the glass sections can be PVC or aluminum, the PVC being the more affordable therefore more popular option. It is also possible to have the aluminum frames and the glass of these garage doors insulated. 

Finish Anodized VS Powder Coating

The aluminum frames have several color and finish options. When Aluminum is anodized the paint is applied in such a way that it becomes part of the aluminum permanently which adds to the already corrosive resistance of aluminum, One drawback to anodized finishes is there are fewer color options than with powder coating.  Some customers opt for the powder coat finish, however we would highly recommend going with the anodized finish.  

Glass Options

There are several options available for the glass as well. The most popular by far is the frosted glass. However there are different levels of frosting available, one could also go with completely clear glass. The aluminum doors with clear glass are what you may see at a trendy bar with a great outdoor atmosphere.  If you would like to be able to see out better and keep people from seeing in  then tinted glass would be the way to go. 

Mid-century modern garage doors

If you like to watch TV or movies, one thing you will notice is that a lot of the furniture is Mid-Century Modern. It is simple, classic, and beautiful. So it is no wonder that many home owners who are looking to buy a modern garage door are considering a Mid-century modern design. If you have watched the Ozarks on Netflix you will have noticed their house has an old original wood door that is from the mid-century modern era. Garage door manufactures have found a way to bring that wonderful classic design to todays modern steel garage doors.

flush panel garage door with mosaic windows
Flush Panel With Mosiac Windows

Which Garage door Brand is Best?

Depending on where you live there will be several different garage door brands available to you. The biggest brands available in the Metro Atlanta area are Amarr, CHI, Clopay, Doorlink, Haas, and Wayne Dalton. 

All major modern garage door manufacturers have wholesalers or distribution centers that sell their products to dealers. These dealers are the garage door companies that you the consumer will call.

Every reputable company can and most likely will have accounts with all of these manufactures. However, they will have one or two that they will have the best relationship with. Many of them will tell you that whoever they have the best relationship with is the best company, that’s just not honest.  


The Honest Answer

The truth is that all manufactures use the same materials and have many different levels of quality available.  The lower quality doors have thinner gauge steel lower R-value insulation or none at all. The upside to the standard quality door is they are usually in stock, and can be installed in a short period of time from the date of order. There are a few important factors to a long lasting garage door. One, don’t purchase the lowest grade door you can, two hire a reputable company with experienced installers who do quality work , and lastly keep your garage door maintained regularly. 

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