Emergency Garage Door Service

Available 24/7 For When You Need Out Of Your Garage Now

Garage Door Won’t Open? Car Stuck? Can’t get it to close? We Offer Emergency Service 24/7

Most people have no clue their garage door is about to break. When your garage door needs emergency service, there are things you can count on:

  1. It will be at an inopportune time
  2. AllGood Garage Door Company will be there

We know what customers go through, and we sympathize. When you’re stuck in your garage or a dangerous situation, you just want fast, honest HELP.

Our phones are answered by a live person day or night. When you need after hours emergency service, we can have a truck in your driveway ASAP. Most of the time in an hr or less.

No matter the reason your garage door will not open, (or close) you can count on AllGood garage door company to come to your rescue!

garage door tech replacing garage door opener

What repairs require emergency garage door service?

Sometimes even the smallest things can feel like an emergency. Urgency can add to the frustration, like you have to be at an appointment and your door keeps reversing, and it won’t s close. This can absolutely feel like an emergency.

Other times your door could be hanging by a cable over top of your car, with rollers popped out on the floor.

  • Trapped Cars
  • Hung Doors
  • Doors That Will Not Close
  • Broken Springs

No matter the reason you need emergency repair services for your garage door AllGood is there, day or night.

If it is an emergency do you really have time for a professional?

Listen, we understand. Sometimes the term emergency may be used a little loosely. It doesn’t mean it feel any better to know it’s not a life and death situation, I mean if it was you would just drive through the door and get a new one later right?

Many times we have seen where a customer kept hitting the button in desperation and ended up causing worse damage to their garage door. It is not worth getting hurt trying to work on something that can become very dangerous. If you’re feeling panicked, take a deep breath, don’t touch anything and give us a call. We are here to help.

If you cannot lift your door, call a professional immediately.

Broken Torsion Spring

AllGood Is Your Trusted Source For Emergency Garage Door Service

Listen. We feel your pain. We know you just want your door to work, and you want to be treated fairly in the process.

We love helping people and fast, efficient service is one way we do this in Atlanta, every, single , day.

You may or may not have had to deal with a broken garage door before. Either way you need a trustworthy professional as your guide. From broken springs to off track doors we have the experience necessary to ensure we are ready to service and repair your garage door efficiently and effectively.

We spend the time to go over repairs with you first, explaining what you need why you need it and pointing out any other potential issues we see. Then we answer any and all questions you may have while helping you decide what is the best option for you and your door.

We use no gimmicks, sales tricks or pressure during this process. Just straight, to the point professional insight and high top notch customer service.


Call & Get Scheduled Now

We are just a phone call away and ready to serve.


Get A Tech To Your House Fast

You will be provided an accurate and fair estimate of repairs that are needed before work begins.


Relax, Knowing Your Door Works.

You can push the button with confidence knowing your door will work for a long time to come.