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How To Bypass Garage Door Sensors A Simple 1, 2, 3, Approach

      You are here. That means you know what a garage door sensor is and what it does. You are most likely having a problem that has become a big headache for you. We know it is inconvenient anytime your garage door won't close. Now you just need to know how to bypass garage door sensors so you can go on about your day. Keep in mind this guide is only if you know for a fact the sensors are the issue. If you are unsure what the issue is call a professional garage door repair company. What…

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Garage Door Won’t Open | A Complete Guide: Identify The Issue & How To Fix

Garage Door Won't Open? Why? Let's face it, you use your garage door more than your front door. So does the rest of Atlanta. We get it, it's a convenient habit. However, when that garage door Won't open, the frustration and panic sets in. Don't worry we are here to help with this pesky problem. This article will help to identify why  and what YOU can do about it. What to do with this guide: 1. Find The Heading With Your Symptoms 2.  Spend A Couple Minutes Reading 3.  Spend A Couple Minutes In Your Garage 4.  Fix it!  …

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Garage Door Won’t Close

Garage Door Won't Close A Brief Intro This guide will help every homeowner. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned "DIYer" or somewhere in between.  Part one focuses on when the garage door will not close. A Quick Waring About Your Garage Door Your garage door is the largest moving object in a home and can cause serious injury or death. Keeping that in mind, this guide is meant to aid you with determining why your door is not working properly. It will help you decide whether it’s a quick fix you can handle yourself. Or is…