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3 Things To Consider When Buying A Garage Door Opener


The brand of the garage door opener you choose can matter for a few different reasons. For example, if you have multiple garage doors and openers but, you are only changing one you may want to choose the same brand. This is helpful so you are not needing to get all new universal remotes and or keypads. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.


Features!? What features do garage door openers have? If you have an older opener sit down and buckle up because a lot has changed. The most important to most people is quiet operation, but it goes so much further than that. LED lighting means you never need to change a light bulb again. Built in WiFi means your smart phone all of a sudden becomes a remote and a monitoring device. You can open or close your door from anywhere in the world. Battery back-up means no more manual operation if the power goes out. Some garage door openers are even equipped with cameras now. Sync it up with your Amazon deliveries and say goodbye to porch pirates forever!


Garage door openers are not as cheap as they use to be. With all the new technologies, manufacturers in and out of court over these technologies, costs continue to rise. We may not be able to avoid the costs, however we can protect our investment. All manufactures have 3 tiers in their product line. A contractor grade, a middle of the road and their premium line. The warranties are different for each one, so pay attention paying a little bit more now could result in less headaches in the future.

Side Mount Garage Door Openers

Genie Side mount garage door opener

Genie 6070




  • Details: Capable of lifting even the heaviest sectional garage doors up to 850 lbs., and up to 18 ft. wide
  • In The Box: Wireless wall console, Bluetooth LED light, remote, &remote door lock
  • Features: Quiet operation, built in Wi-Fi
  • Manufacturers warranty:
  • Accessories: 1 yr Parts: 5 yr Motor: 15 yrs
  • AllGood Warranty: 1 yr labor

Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie 1028




  • Details: 7 Ft Chain drive 1/2 HP DC motor .
  • In The Box: Wall control sensors and 1 remote
  • Features: Quiet & Affordable
  • Manufacturers warranty:
  • Accessories: 1 yr Parts: 1 yr Chain: 5 yrs Motor/Gearbox: 4 yrs
  • AllGood Warranty: 1 yr labor

Genie 2128




  • Details: 7 Ft Belt drive 1/2 HP DC motor .
  • In The Box: Multi Button Wall control sensors and 1 3 button remote
  • Features: Quiet operation, Built in Wi-Fi
  • Manufacturers warranty:
  • Accessories: 1 yr Parts: 1 yr Belt: 15 yrs Motor/Gearbox: 10 yrs
  • AllGood Warranty: 1 yr labor

Genie Model 3142




  • Details: 7 Ft Belt drive 3/4 HP DC motor .
  • In The Box: Multi Control Wall Button sensors and 1 remote
  • Features: Quiet operation, built in Wi-Fi
  • Manufacturers warranty:
  • Accessories: 1 yr Parts: 3 yr Belt: 15 yrs Motor/ Gearbox: Limited lifetime
  • AllGood Warranty: 1 yr labor
Garage Door technician installs garage door opener button

A Quality Installation

The key to getting the most out of your investment in a new garage door opener is two fold. One, a quality installation, and two, proper maintenance of your garage door. We take pride in the work we do and believe in doing every job with the utmost integrity. It is because of this that we provide one of the longest labor warranties in the industry. We also know this provides our customers with a peace of mind that is absolutely necessary.

Garage Door Opener FAQ’S

The honest answer to this question is one that is connected to a well maintained door. A common misconception is that garage door openers are responsible for lifting the door. In fact they are just guides telling the door when and where to stop. If your garage door is maintained and balanced properly your opener will be reliable and will last longer.

Possibly. All garage door openers come with detailed instruction manuals. With some mechanical ability and the proper tools you may be able to complete the installation. There are a couple benefits to hiring a professional though. One, we will get the install done properly the first time guaranteed, and much faster allowing you time to enjoy your life. Two, we will provide a warranty, which provides a piece of mind.

Just like anything else there are pros and cons to each opener and everybody has different wants and needs when it comes to garage door openers. So who wins in the battle of belt drive VS chain drive? In our opinion due to the longer warranty on belts (some manufacturers provide lifetime warranties) and the spring tensioners allowing them to handle the sudden stop and start movements better, we recommend belt drive motors. If you are on a budget you can buy a chain drive opener and still get a good life out of them, especially if you take good care of your garage door.

The average life span of a garage door opener is 10 -15 years. The key to getting the most life out of your opener is to keep your garage door maintained. The better the garage door operates the less the opener is working, which will get you a longer life out out of it.

Reach out to us and we will get your installation scheduled