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A new garage door is the fastest way to add curb appeal. It is also still one of the best returns on investment when it comes to home improvement projects.

Traditional Garage Doors

There are two styles of garage doors that fit under the traditional type or category. The first is a standard raised short panel. The second type is a short panel bead board door, this style is a carriage house style garage door. These two styles are also the doors that are most likely to be in stock . An in stock door is available for installation with a fast turn around time with no manufacturer lead times. Stock doors are limited in color. White is the most common color, almond is another common color that is in stock most of the time.

Single Short Raised Panel

Standard Raised Short Panel




  • This is for a standard 8′ x 7non-insulated door without windows. Other standard sizes are 9’x 7‘, 16′ x 7′, and 18′ x 7‘. Prices increase for larger sizes and additional features such as insulation and windows. Coupons and specials may be available Our prices include new track, trim and all hardware.

Traditional Garage Door Prices

SizeInsulationInstalled Price
8′ x 7′Non-Insulated$1037.44
9′ x 7′Non-Insulated$1063.92
16′ x 7′Non-Insulated$1785.02
8′ x 7′Insulated$1193.46
9′ x 7′Insulated$1285.22
16′ x 7′Insulated$2171.26
18′ x 7′Insulated$2547.88
Short panel bead board carriage house garage door

Stamped Steel Carriage House Door




  • This is for a standard 8′ x 7′ non-insulated door without windows. Other standard sizes are 9’x 7, 16′ x 7′, and 18′ x 7′. Prices increase for larger sizes and additional features such as insulation and windows. Coupons and specials may be available. Our prices include new track, trim and all hardware.
Other Traditional Garage Door Styles Available Through Special Order
Long panel bead board carriage house garage door
Long Panel Bead Board
Recessed panel stamped shaker carriage house garage door
Recessed Panel Shaker
Raised long panel garage door
Raised Long Panel

Our Simple Garage Door Buying Process

Most people will only buy one, maybe two garage doors their entire life, that means the process may not be one you are familiar with. That is why the most important duty we have is to serve as a guide through the entire process. That way we know at the end of the day your receive exactly what you expected exactly the way you wanted and are left with no questions, or doubts.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are most recognizable by the decorative hinges and handles on the outside. You may have even heard these called farm house style doors. That is because they do resemble the old style barn doors.

Traditional style steel doors have the pattern stamped into them. With a carriage house style door they are either made of steel ( most common with modern doors) or sometimes with wood. Then, there is an overlay attached to the outside. This overlay can be made from different materials ranging from plywood to PVC and even MDF.

These doors are beautiful and add a lot of character and curb appeal to your home. However, they require more maintenance and have a higher purchase price and repair costs.

Steel Carriage house garage door with overlay

Carriage House Door With Overlay


  • This style door varies greatly in design and materials and therefore specific details are needed to build out a price. The good news is our estimates are always free and our installers will be able to go over options and help you find the best door for your home.

Modern Residential Garage Doors

When speaking of modern garage doors we must make a distinction. Are you just referring to modern as up tp date and not old? Or, are you referring to modern styling and not just a traditional garage door. Most of the time we find customers are referring to styling. If you are looking for a modern design you most likely want something different, and sleek. A garage door that fits your taste and style can dramatically increase your curb appeal and make you fall in love with your home all over again. Modern doors are typically made of steel of aluminum but fiberglass options exist as well. There truly is a style and a door for everyone. Let us see how we can help find your dream door for your dream home.

Flush panel garage door with long panel windows down the left side
Flush Panel Door With Frosted Glass
Black aluminum door with full view frosted glass
Full View Garage Door with Frosted GLass
Cedar plank garage door with long panel windows down the left side
Cedar Plank Door With Frosted Glass

Custom Made Wooden Garage Doors

For our customers interested in high quality truly custom doors we have a solution. We have carriage house doors made with either cypress or cedar wood. These wooden doors are available in paint grade or stain grade. To start the process of getting the most beautiful doors in your neighborhood all you need to do is give us a call and we will guide you through the whole design process.

Custom cypress wood doors installed in Atlanta, GA.

Garage Door FAQ’s

A steel non-insulated garage door without windows is the cheapest door price wise.

Most HOA’s do require permission. Even if the door is going to be the same, it is wise to email them and get approval of the specific door to be installed. We can email you a design report but you will need to communicate with them.

Every job presents different obstacles and challenges, but a properly trained professional with the correct tools a garage door should be installed and completely functional in 3-4 hours.

Standard in-stock doors can be installed within 24-72 hrs. With special order doors lead times vary between 3-10 weeks just depending on the manufacturer and the type of door.

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