Garage Door Maintenance

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The Secret to long lasting garage doors is  regular garage door maintenance. AllGood Garage Door Company has you and your garage doors covered. You want your garage door and garage door opener to last a long time. This happens by performing regular garage door maintenance. By doing just a couple things a couple times a year you can be sure that your garage door will last a long time and you will be able to schedule repairs before the door breaks instead of after it breaks, leaving you trapped in your garage.


Lubricate For Garage Door Maintenance

We won’t insult you by giving you a definition. We will instead tell you what you really want to know. What should you do, and when should you do it. The number 1 and easiest thing for maintaining your door is to lubricate it. The where is the important thing here. The hinges and springs are what need lubrication. There are many different types of garage door lubricants on the market. You can buy any of them and your local hardware store. You can buy one made just for garage doors, or just some white lithium grease. Just do not use WD-40 for your garage door maintenance. The lubricant should be applied every 6 months. As professionals we like to use a lubricating oil and an oil can. You could do the same but it is not necessary.


Complete Yearly Balance Tests

The next part of garage door maintenance is a yearly balance test. This is the test that will allow you to get out ahead of any garage door repairs. To complete a balance test is simple. The first step is to pull the red emergency handle on your garage door opener. When your garage door is down, and only when it is down is when you should pull the emergency handle. Once you have put the door in manual mode, lift it up to the halfway point. The door should be easy to raise and should stay at the halfway point holding itself open. If the door falls then your springs are too weak. If the door continues to raise on it’s own the springs are too strong. When your garage door fails the balance test you need to call a professional garage door repair company.