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Expert Local Garage Door Repair Services  By AllGood Garage Door Co.

We found one thing we were really good at and perfected it.  When you are in need of a solution for your garage door problems we are here for you. Being located in Marietta & Buford we service most of metro Atlanta same day or next 9 times out of 10. This is garage door service you can count on!   So, you can schedule an appointment, then relax; knowing your garage door is in good hands.

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We are locally-owned, and above all highly rated. AllGood Garage Door Company is a Google guaranteed company ( yes they back our work) with over 250 real 5 star reviews. This means your neighbors trust us and you can too! Our customers ( your neighbors ) value us for our Knowledge, reliability, and excellent customer service.


Professional Garage Door Repair & Services 


You know your garage door is in need of repair. That is why you are here. However, what is wrong with it?

Well, the most common repairs your garage door will need really depend on the maintenance, use and age of your garage door.

The fact remains, if you own a home long enough you will have to deal with one or all of these issues at some point in time:


Broken Garage Doors Are An Inconvenience. Relax, We Got It Covered.

When you are in need of garage door repair, it is almost never planned. That is why we offer the following specialty services to try and make your life a little easier. These are the advantages of a local garage door repair company

  • 24 Hr. Garage Door Service                                              Garage Door Repair Technician near by
  • Emergency Garage Door Repair
  • Same Day/ Next Day Service
  • On The Spot Repairs

We understand that not everybody works normal hours, and that garage doors can and will break anytime. That is why we answer calls live 24 hours a day. Emergency service is offered for a fee. Although emergency service call fees are $199 we still less than many companies that offer 24/7 service. We charge the fees because we value the time of our technicians. They work hard to service our thousands of customers and enjoy time with their families too, so we like to keep a good balance for them. However, because of this when you have an emergency you can count on us t0 be there. Most times in less than 1 hour when your garage door breaks after hours. 


Thank You For Choosing AllGood Garage Door Company

Look, we know there are a lot of garage door companies that service the nearby area. You could chose anyone of them. That’s why when you choose AllGood Garage Door Company we make sure you are happy with that choice. This is how it works:


Scheduling Service

  1. Call & Book An Appointment

  2. Receive A Text With Appointment Date, Time, & Technician

  3. Get A 30 Minute Heads Up Text When We Are Near

Garage Door Service

  1. Consult With A Professional, Trained Expert
  2. Pick A Repair/Replace Option
  3. Relax With A 1 Yr labor 5 yr parts warranty


Lastly, we value you just as much as you value your garage door and your home. We can have all the knowledge, ( we do have a lot!). All the parts ( our trucks are stocked pretty nicely) but without you, we have nothing.

As a result, we make the customer the number one service factor. True customer service seems to be a lost art form, but not at AllGood Garage Door Company. Your satisfaction is vital to our reputation and we never forget it.

We will provide a quick & honest diagnosis. That way your garage door will be moving again. further more, we do it at a reasonable price with an excellent warranty , that we will stand behind 100%!