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Frequently Asked Questions

We are out in the field every day and we see the same, problems over and over. When it comes to garage doors, you will need a professionals help with the more serious problems. However, there are so many simple issues people have on a day to day basis that the average home owner should know how to take care of. Check out the most common problems and questions we get. 

What form of payments do you accept?

Master Card
American Express

Do you really run 24/7?

We Sure do. Our emergency service call fee is $199 for after hours care, but we will be there within an hour. 

Do you warranty your work?

Yes we do. All new garage doors come with 1 yr. labor, 5 yr parts. Garage door openers come with 1 yr. labor and the manufactures warranty for parts. All repairs involving parts have a 1 yr labor and 5 yr parts. Garage door opener repairs are 1 yr labor and parts. 

Do you offer free estimates?

Estimates for new or replacement garage doors are always free. On repairs we charge a $69 service call fee, but we waive it if you have a repair with parts completed on the same day. 

Are garage door openers universal?

Many people call their remotes openers, and no not all of them are universal. There are universal remotes though. Genie and Chamberlain both have universal models readily available online and at your local big box hardware store. 

Are garage door keypads safe?

Absolutely, often times customers are afraid if they buy a wireless keypad somebody may be able to “hack” or bypass it. This is not a real security risk. 

Are garage door springs dangerous?

To a trained professional with the right tools, no. To a homeowner without the proper tools or a full understanding of how they work and what sizes to use, they can be very dangerous.

Are garage door sensors universal?

No. They are brand specific, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman all use Chamberlain, Genie uses Genie brand. If you have a Linear you can buy theirs online or even get away with Genie brand sensors.

Can garage door sensors be bypassed?

Yes. As a temporary way to get your garage door closed. If you are unable to fix the sensors and need to close the door just hold your wall button down until the door reaches the floor. 

Can a garage door open by itself?

Technically they do not open on their own. However, if you have a short in the wall button or a remote in a junk drawer or even the bottom of a purse it could seem if it is opening on its own. In a rare case you opener could have been programmed to a neighbors remote on accident.

Can Garage door panels be replaced?

Yes, under certain circumstances. As long the manufacturer is still around and able to be locally sourced, and the particular model is still made. 

Why won’t my garage door open?

There are many different reasons a garage door may not open. However, the most common reason is a broken spring.

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