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Garage Door Won’t Open? Car Trapped? Let’s Get It Out Today!

If your garage door will not open or only lifts a few inches there is a good chance it’s due to a broken or weak spring.

Whether you have a broken spring, or you’re just not sure why your garage door will not open, don’t be stuck guessing. AllGood garage door company is your go to garage door experts.

Give us a call today, get your car out of the garage and go on with your day knowing your door is taken care of.

AllGood, Saving Atlanta one trapped care at a time.

Technician Winding garage door spring

8 Signs You might need a new garage door spring

  • Your garage door is heavy
  • The garage door will only open a few inches.
  • Your garage door cables are visibly loose.
  • The garage door appears crooked.
  • You can see a gap in your torsion spring.
  • The garage door jerks or moves unevenly when opened and closed.
  • Your garage door falls as it closes.
  • You hear a bang when operating your garage door.
AllGood garage door company tech working on a garage door spring

Get your garage door springs replaced by a pro.

They are under extreme tension and without the proper training or tools you could be injured.

We have done this countless times, we have the means to get to you fast, and we will treat you fair. There is no reason to risk this one on your own.

Your garage door is a counter balance system if it is broke or not fixed correctly it will cause other damage to your garage door or garage door opener .

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