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Garage door cables are necessary for your garage door to work. So if your cables break or come off you will not be able to lift your garage door. Your cables are a part of the garage door spring system, therefore attempting to fix them yourself could be dangerous.

Look, we get it. Being trapped in your garage is neither fun nor convenient. Like most Atlanta residents your garage door is probably your front door.

You do not have time for this, no worries, freeing your trapped car is as simple as getting your garage door cables replaced. Just give us a call and we will get you out of your garage ASAP!


What do you do if your garage door cable breaks?

If your garage door cables come off or snapped most importantly do not continue to hit the button.

Also do not pull your emergency release handle on the garage door opener as this can cause your door to jackknife, drop or go off track.

The best thing to do if your garage door cables break is to unplug your garage door opener, or put it in vacation mode by using the lock button on your control panel on the wall. Best practice is to just unplug the opener and call a professional.

We understand, it may look like a simple fix, however, if you mess up you risk injury and worse damage to the door. We have seen dozens of simple repairs turn into new garage doors because a homeowner attempted a cable repair on their own.

What causes a garage door cable to break?

Loose cables

Sometimes your cable isn’t actually broke. On certain occasions your cable is just loose and has come off the drum. This can bee caused by a broken spring or it could mean that your door came into contact with something while it was moving. From our experience we find that this happens more often when people store things in the front corners of their garage.

Broken garage door cable

When garage door cables break its normally because they were frayed for a long time. Its been our experience that this is usually caused by having an improper installation or cables, fixtures or track. Also this occurs from having weak or wrong sized springs on a garage door. It is our firm believe that having service on a regular basis is the best way to prevent broken garage door cables.

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