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Garage Door Won’t Open? Car Stuck? Check Your Springs.

If your garage door just will not open, or only lifts a few inches off the ground, look up. Nobody looks up and that’s why you usually miss the broken spring.

Being trapped in your garage is neither fun nor convenient. Like most Atlanta residents your garage door is probably your front door.

You do not have time for this, no worries, freeing your trapped car is as simple as getting your garage door spring replaced.

Technician Winding garage door spring

Is your garage door moving slow? It could be a weak garage door spring.

Are you losing faith in your garage door? Is it taking forever to open when you hit the button? Your springs could be due to weak torsion springs.

You use your door every day, if you start to notice a difference don’t ignore it. There could be a problem with the springs. It is always better to get out in front of a problem then to be stuck in your garage.

Help! I can’t open my door manually!

When the garage door opener will not lift the door, it is only natural that you would pull the emergency release and attempt to open the door manually.

Most people believe their garage door opener is what lifts their door. Which is kind of true. However it is really just a guide. Your garage door is a counter balance system, your garage door springs are the heart of that system.

The springs are what make the door easy for you or your garage door to open. Whether it’s you doing the lifting or your opener.

If you cannot lift your door, call a professional immediately.

Broken Torsion Spring

We Believe you deserve a safe, reliable, garage door.

Honestly. Isn’t that all you really want from your garage door. That’s not asking too much. Let’s make that happen, today.

AllGood Is Your Trusted Source For Garage Door Springs In Atlanta

Listen. We feel your pain. We know you just want your door to work, and you want to be treated fairly in the process.

We love helping people and changing springs is one way we do this in Atlanta, every, single , day.

You may or may not have had to deal with a broken spring before. Either way you need a trustworthy professional as your guide. From torsion springs to extension springs we carry a large stock to ensure we are ready to service and repair your garage door efficiently and effectively.

We spend the time to go over repairs with you first, explaining what you need why you need it and pointing out any other potential issues we see. Then we answer any and all questions you may have while helping you decide what is the best option for you and your door.

We use no gimmicks, sales tricks or pressure during this process. Just straight, to the point professional insight and high top notch customer service.


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So what does a spring cost?

We know you will probably not read this, but trust us, you want to! take a second to do so, it will save you a headache.

Or just keep scrolling and see our ACTUAL prices.

Once you realize you have broken spring and you realize you must replace it for your garage door to work this is the next question you will have.

When you go to Google to ask you will find so much conflicting information it will drive you crazy. Home advisor or Angi is going to tell you $150 – $350 so will Bob Villas website. What they do not say is how they came to those numbers.

Information like this is unreliable and incomplete. It does not take into account where you live, or any information from a professional in the field.

When you start calling around you are going to experience a few things.

One, most people will not want to give you a price over the phone.

Sometimes this is because you’re just talking to an appointment setter that has no clue about a garage door, other times, sad but true, they want to see your house and what kind of car you drive to determine a price to get the most they can.

Next, You will get a company that promises fast service and a super low price.

Exactly what you want! Yes! let’s do it!

Until they get a tech there (hopefully when they say) then you get a song and a dance that is more of a sales pitch than anything and it’s nothing like you were promised over the phone. This is the worst but unfortunately it happens all the time.

Finally, you will receive a price range.

This is simply because honestly it is hard to say without asking questions or looking at the door first. They may or may not be honest here, so read the reviews, check the company out for real, don’t just hope for the best.

What Does AllGood Do?

First, we list our prices on our website. Crazy right?

Next, if you call and ask us this question we will ask some questions to get as much information about your specific garage door so we can give you the most accurate pricing possibly, and…. it doesn’t change when we get there.

Garage Door Spring Prices (Installed before coupons)

Single Torsion Spring Price Range: $259- $299

Double Torsion Spring Price Range: $449 – $599

Extension Spring Rebuild (Includes springs cables and pulleys) $399

Why would we share this information? Aren’t we afraid customers could use it to price shop and negotiate, or competitors could use it to undercut us? We are not worried in the slightest. Our warranties are better our service and expertise is top notch and our customers understand and appreciate us for that 100%.

Let’s get you a new door spring today, shall we?

Your door won’t open. You need it to, and you need a reliable trustworthy company to help you with this. The problem is solved as soon as you call us. Honestly, what else are you waiting for? Just give us a shout and relax, we got it covered.